Performance culture –

Piece together what goes together

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Performance culture

Wolfgang Saaman developed the “performance culture” approach for business. Since 2005, we have been using it as a veritable intellectual edifice, one which stands for the uniqueness of our consulting.

Corporate culture as a performance factor

Coordinating performance management and corporate culture results in more performance than can be achieved by fixing on key figures. We rely on the parallel and synchronized development of the individual, the organization and the culture in order to dynamize your company and reduce or even completely remove obstacles to performance and innovation. Our approach helps increase not only your company’s economic result but also the satisfaction of the people who work for your company. This makes your company more resistant to attacks from the outside and also more attractive to performance providers. The performance culture mindset revolves around people. A culture of this kind facilitates responsibility and provides leeway so that this responsibility can be used. Performance culture means having an appreciative confidence in people which is based on their potentials. It is a culture in which everyone sees themselves as responsible for the roles assigned to them and as jointly responsible for the whole.

Performance culture

  • Strengthens the results orientation of your employees by entrenching performance awareness and a willingness to perform in the culture
  • Promotes responsibility which is lived among all employees
  • Dynamizes your organization as a whole
  • Promotes innovation
  • Enables relaxed leadership
  • Results in a high level of employee identification with your company
  • Reinforces the attractiveness of your company as an employer

How do I implement performance culture in my company?

Prof. Saaman and Dr. Drewes would be happy to meet with you in person, to talk about the potentials of your company. Please call +49 (0)761 21680-0 to arrange an appointment.