Talent management

Module 1: Development of an

HR/talent management strategy

The basis. Development of an HR/talent management strategy

Together with you, we derive the HR strategy for talent management on the basis of your company strategy. We look at the people, expertise and structures you need for your future success. We analyze your internal and external talent market, the appeal of your company to talents, company values and company culture and the time horizons for your talent flows. You get a carefully designed, implementable roadmap that will serve as a solid foundation for your talent management.

Your benefits: Strategic basis, fit to suit company culture and a clear roadmap.

Possible elements of strategy-based consulting

  • Requirements analysis (talents within the scope of the company strategy)
  • Representation of the expertise and talent pool currently available
  • Analysis of the required expertise, roles, profiles and career paths
  • Analysis of the relevant company culture

Consulting formats

  • Workshops with executives and HR responsibles
  • Online and offline survey systems for employer branding
  • Organizational diagnostics for determining extent of performance culture/talent culture
  • Documentation of analyses, concepts and the roadmap