Organizational development

Our drive is the desire to move.

Secure growth and boost performance

We create systems in which a sense of responsibility among all employees and consistent aligning to suit customer requirements are the main focus. For this purpose, we work at the parallel optimization of strategy implementation, structures and processes, roles, cooperation and role professionalism of the leadership. Only by considering these system elements with all of their interactions is it possible for a company to grow faster than the market average.

Our procedure

  • We analyze the design of the organizational system which is conducive to performance in order to identify obstacles to performance.
  • Using role design and working with the organizational system as a basis, we ensure that the role of every employee is filled in a way which is responsible and results oriented.
  • We activate executives as well as employees and considerably accelerate change processes.

Our specialty: change management with consistency

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting companies in complex change projects and generating the prerequisites for more secure target achievement in the short, medium and long term. Change comprises not only structures and workflows, but also behavior, communication and culture as well as standards and values. We are experts at identifying obstacles to performance and then creating a surefire road map to increase performance. And since concepts are worthless unless implemented, we subsequently support consistent implementation with particular passion and mindfulness.

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