Management audit

It is best to gain insight from the outside.

Management audit – for competent, transparent and secure HR decisions

The choice of executives for a company’s key roles is critical for commercial success.

Thus, the starting point for management diagnostics is the interface between “hard” factors in connection with the company and “soft” factors in connection with the people. The objective is to identify candidates who are an optimum fit for the requirements of the company position as well as who possess strong personal competencies.

Within the scope of a management appraisal, we comprehensively develop the detailed profile of the manager and relate it to the target in the new role and function. Extensively and in real terms, we give our clients and the manager appropriate recommendations for the next development steps.

Backed by 40 years of experience, we offer precise and discrete consulting and the development of Management Appraisals, High Potential Appraisals and Onboarding Reviews. In addition, we develop individual solutions for you such as group diagnostics processes and online test modules for potentials diagnostics for executive, expert and project tracks.

Our consulting services include developing and conducting:

Management Appraisal (selection of internal/external applicants)

High Potential Appraisal (position determination)

Onboarding Review

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