Expertise development

In-house academy concepts

Tailored in-house academy concepts

Would you like to introduce a systematic, future-oriented concept for executive and/or personnel development in your company?

We’ll develop an overall concept for your company that is individual and harmonized, with executive and personnel development programs for all levels. We’ll align proven content and methods to suit your industry, your organizational design and the challenges your employees face. Qualified SAAMAN AG trainers will carry out the implementation, in whole or in part.

Does your company already have in-house development programs in place and you want to give them a check or align them better with current corporate developments and make them more effective using modern learning formats?

We’ll analyze the fit between current requirements, existing competence models and personnel development measures already in place. Next we’ll optimize and extend your in-house programs in close coordination with you. Qualified SAAMAN AG trainers are available to help you with the future implementation of further developed training concepts.

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